Next Chapter → Next Level

Next Chapter → Next Level

Welcome to 40ish!

We believe that how you tackle your 40s is how you tackle the rest of your life

We’re here to help you take this next chapter to the next level—and do it really damn well. 

This requires leveraging cutting-edge science and time-tested, holistic strategies for next-level wellness. That’s what we bring to the table.

What we need from you is simple.

We need you to stop caring about what other people think and focus unapologetically on how YOU feel – inside and out. No guilt, no shame.

If that feels uncomfortable, remember: when you take care of YOU, you can show up better for everyone else on your list.

For too long, we’ve been afraid to say what we really want. (In fact, maybe it’s been years since we actually even asked ourselves the question.)

So what do YOU want out of your life right now?

Want to start a new career? GO FOR IT. (Our founder did.)

Want to change how you communicate? It’s time to be HEARD.

Want to lose weight or change your body? Let’s do it—the right way

Want to stop the aging process in its tracks? Done. Age how you want.

Best. Decade. Ever. 

We’re here to get you EXACTLY what you want out of your 40s. 

We want you to own this decade in a way your 20s and 30s never saw coming!

Maybe you want to know how to get your metabolism back online.

Maybe you want to feel (and look) as young as you STILL ARE.

Maybe you just want support for the tough stuff (Crinkly knees! Angsty Teens!)…

…and a place to celebrate the good stuff (Boundaries! Lifelong friends! Birds!)

We’re here for it. 

We stay on the forefront of the latest developments in health, fitness, beauty, and wellness, always with an eye toward integrative, holistic, doable strategies for getting you the best body, mind, and life you’ve ever had. 

No nonsense. (We’re too old for that.)

What we don’t do? Give you a never-ending “wellness to-do” list. Here’s the thing: we don’t need as much as we think to feel great and age well. (And “wellness” doesn’t work if it doesn’t work for you.)

Let us help you harness the tools you didn’t know you had to make having the life you want simple, straightforward, and stress-free. 

Here’s what we’ve got for you.

FOOD. We teach you how to use food to build muscle, reach optimal health, change body composition, promote later-life fertility (AMA? A-OK!), support gorgeous hair, skin and nails from the inside out, and just feel really damn good, no matter what. 

Top 5 “healthy” foods that actually aren’t (and one surprising one that is)

FITNESS: Get expert guidance on fitness trends, workout routines that are *actually effective*, and strategies to be even more of a badass than you already are—not just for your 40s, but for the rest of your life.

Is your fitness working FOR you, or against you?

BEAUTY: We’ve got the best, most effective, cleanest product and procedure recommendations you need. Whether you lean extra crunchy or super science-y (or both); whether you’re a never-knifer or a “facelift me, ASAP” type, we’ve got you covered.

What’s your perfect skincare routine for your 40s? 

WELLNESS: Let’s make stress relief, relationship rehab, and self-care actually doable. (Because who has time for a nightly lavender-epsom-salt-Enya bath? Who even has time to clean the damn bathtub?) 

PODCAST: With a unique blend of humor, wit, oversharing, and expletives, The 40ish Podcast tackles it all from the front lines of 40.

From fitness and weight loss to plastic surgery to family dynamics and the complexities of managing kids, relationships, and mental health, nothing is off limits (well, most things aren’t).

Ready to take this next chapter to the next level? Whether you’re 40-curious or 49 for the first (or second, or third) time, we can’t wait for you to start OWNING this moment!

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